Zoom and Recorded Session Waiver

Practising at home means there is no teacher present with you in the room. By participating in any of my online or recorded classes you are therefore agreeing to take full responsibility for yourself and your practice environment.

As you are participating these sessions without me present in the room with you, please take all due care for your health, safety and surroundings. Make adjustments in the practice to take care of yourself. 

Also make sure your practice space is safe around you and under foot. 

You agree to take full responsibility for yourself, others, and your environment when doing these practices.

By participating in classes (live stream or recording), you agree to the following:

I understand that the program may involve physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional activity, including exercises that may tax my physical, intellectual, mental and emotional capacity. 

I understand and acknowledge that my participation in the program and in every separate part of it is purely voluntary and that at all times I will be free to choose NOT to participate in any part or all of the event. 

I acknowledge my responsibility for exercising my own judgment and initiative in choosing what parts of the event I will participate in. 

I acknowledge that my choices and my actions may pose a risk of injury to myself or others. 

By this consent I knowingly and voluntarily assume the risk of injury either to myself or caused to others by me in the program. I release Karen Pounds from any and all liability for injuries to myself. 

I agree to hold harmless Karen Pounds and any of her companies from any and all liability for injuries to myself and for any injury to others caused by me.

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